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We have worked with many Clients and Projects, we are quite happy because we have touched many business domains like FINTECH, CRYPTO, CMS. COULD Based Apps, Mobile apps, PWA,  CRM, ERP, HMS, HRM. our team delivered top notch solutions over the years. we would like to take more challenges in coming years..


For the organization of sports lessons and events
A sports school or personal trainer can easily manage sporters, trainers, events and much more. A sporter has all sports activities organized at one location.

We developed frontends using Angular, Material UI & FireStore


is an online course marketplace with a pile of features that helps you to run your online education business easily. Instructors will be able to create unlimited video courses, live classes, text courses, projects, quizzes, files, etc and students will be able to use the educational material and increase their skill level

Technologies : Laravel/PHP + Msql ( Web site)  &  Mobile App ( React Native) – Android & iOS

The Platform allows any citizen of any country to buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum against bank transfer or various other payment methods. It is a peer to peer exchange where buyers and sellers meet to conduct their exchange of goods.

We refactored frontend & freshly designed using Angular & Bootstrap.


NetBeesHMS is for Appointment and Patient data Management. HMS is a web application created for small and medium scale clinical enterprises. This application provides a customizing interface solution for appointment making according to hospital/clinic specific requirement and also handle patient visiting history and invoices & many more…

Technology : Laravel /PHP + MySql


NetBees Ultimate-CRM  aspires to be your one-stop business solution to handle and automate as business tasks and save your time so that you give more time to core business decisions. which comprise elegant mobile service app.

Technologies : Laravel/PHP + Msql , Mobile App in React Native


provides you with a powerful and cost-effective HR platform to ensure you get the best from your employees and managers. HRM is a timely solution to upgrade and modernize your HR team to make it more efficient and consolidate your employee information into one intuitive HR system.

Get rid of the paperwork and spreadsheets floating around your office and Turn into beautiful online people database with employee profiles.

Technologies : Laravel/PHP + Msql


Web-POS is a web application that allows you to manage your sales and stock. Application has Easy POS system for faster billing.

Application manages the Sales & Sales Return Invoices as well as Payments, Purchase & Purchase Return Invoices as well as Payments, Customers (Customers Bulk Import), Suppliers (Suppliers Bulk Import), Expense information, Tax & Tax Grouping, Units, Categories, Items(Items Bulk Import), Brands and business required Reports and much more.

A multi-vendor online Yacht Booking website, which comprise of various modules, like vendor management, Adding Yachts, Tours, Events, User management, Vendor Commission, Booking management, widgets, reviews, reports etc..

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