Mobile App

Mobile Applications

We do Native development means the creation of separate applications for each mobile platform. That is, you need to develop an application for iOS and another one for Android.

Cross-platform a common code base for two platforms, with further translation of the code on each OS via an intermediate layer. These are the advantages of cross-platform apps.

A progressive web application (PWA) brings together the best qualities of a mobile website and a native app. These are the advantages of progressive web applications.

Development trends

Before we start developing an application for mobile devices, we ask yourself several questions. What are the aims of your app? If it is difficult to choose, the simplest solution is to see what trends have formed in the development market. In 2019–2020 the following applications are in demand:

  • apps based on blockchain technology;
  • apps based on artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • instant apps;
  • for the Internet of things;
  • apps with mobile payments, transfers, and money storage.

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