Content Management

content management (CM)

We are doing  content management system (CMS) for your business, it helps to understand the differences between the various types, their features and functions, and pricing models.

Content management is a set of processes and technologies that supports the collection, managing, and publishing of information in any form or medium.

content management system

We develop varios CMS applications based on our client need

  • We do E- Commerce, CRM, HRM, HMS, Accounting System, WebPOS, SME Apps
  • technical help during installation and set up
  • customization to extend the software beyond the core offering
  • staff training, support, including regularly updating the software.

Examples of the most widely used :

  • WordPress, Laraval,Code Igniter, PHP, Vue Js, React Js
  • Magento, Open Cart , YII  (e-commerce)

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