Understand Clients Needs

Why understanding the client’s business is important?

Customer and client understanding is important for every B2C and B2B company regardless of its domain.

For a digital technology company, understanding the client’s needs and business specifics is essential. Every delivered system or service, be it IT consulting, web development or cloud migration, integrates into existing company’s operations as the means to enhance processes, drive innovation and initiate changes that offer business growth in the future. Therefore, technology solution providers should have a very clear understanding of the industry, business and environment they are dealing with.

4-stage way to understand your client

At the very first steps of collaboration, we make an in-depth research of the company – its online presence, publications and other mass media coverage, business and social achievements.

Then, we ask our clients quite a few questions to understand how their business processes work, what problems they confront, what expectations and objectives they set. Additionally, we perform a deep market and industry analysis to better learn the environment they are in at this point or plan to be in the future.

In practice, it’s a 4-stage process that enables us to get a good understanding of the client’s needs and business.

       1. Problems and expectations.

       2. Goals.

       3. Business specifics.

       4. Industry specifics.


Understanding customers is the key to giving them good service which in turn results into strong customer relationships and new sales through positive word-of-mouth recommendation.

Key Principles For Truly Understanding Your Clients

Empathy Adds to Demographic Data

Build Personas From Data

Cultivate Conversation Over Clicks in Content

Check Everything Through AB Testing

Mean It When It Comes to Feedback

Use Behavioral Data to Inform Your Outreach

Talk to Employees on the Front Lines

Follow up Genuinely

Identify Your Brand Trends

Practice Active Social Listening

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